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Workplace mobbing

Workplace mobbing is a group of individuals in a workplace who team up against and targeted another coworker for harassment and other forms of victimization. It is a virus or a cancer that spreads through malicious gossip, rumor, hearsay,and unfounded accusations.  It is done with deliberate intent to have those targeted eliminated or forced out of their employment. Accusations of unsubstantiated 'bullying' can even be made against the target as the perpetrators realize the benefits of claiming 'victim' status.  Workplace bullying pdf

If you have been mobbed by more than one company, you may very well be a victim of organized mobbing or a government disintegration/decomposition program.

Organized mobbing and workplace mobbing can be separate experiences. The main differences between organized mobbing and just being a victim of workplace mobbing? When the target has left the workplace or transferred the victimization stops because the root of the victimization rests solely with the company or department. All laws (discrimination, hostile work environment, harassment etc) apply to the target of workplace mobbing and the target has not become a non-entity. Obviously all victimization takes place in the work environment and the target is able to regain employment elsewhere. The effects of organized mobbing are much more severe than workplace mobbing. Workplace mobbing is a component of organized mobbing. For the targeted individual, all ties of support must be severed and a targets employment is the main support.

The Content and Development of Mobbing at Work (Leymann) 1996

Mobbing and Pyschological Terror at Workplaces (Leymann) 1990

Not to get off topic, but, I have noticed, when the crime is inexorable, there is always the attempted to disarm the opposition by refocusing the examinations from the root causes to the more fruitful 'what is happening now' or currently and 'what's the solution' or 'where do we go from here'. There are people who are highly paid to get people to think along those lines. So when I read that the root of mobbing and the individual who started the mobbing machinery should not be the focus, I see that as a lack of willingness to hold people accountable for their behavior. Everyone wants to do the crime, but no one wants to pay price for the crimes they commit. The examination of the root cause or the beginnings of mobbing, should never be seen as infecund and superfluous. It is no different than finding the gene that causes the cancer. Depending on your view, another good example of what I am trying to say in relation to refocusing is the AIDS virus. Again, depending on your view. I have met very few people, even those who have seen its affects on the lives of people who think it is worth the effort to hold anyone accountable, if indeed the facts bear in that direction. The price tag is just too high in terms of reputation and financial loss. This is why mobbing goes unacknowledged: loss of reputation and financial loss.


The first employer I can say that I was mobbed at was Viahealth in the late 1990s. A stereotypical setting for workplace mobbing is a hospital. The harassment wasn't worth the $9.00 per hour so I quit (can you imagine an employer paying $9.00 would mob anyone?). I explained to the supervisor Jackie Noble why I was quitting, she disagreed with my assessment of the workplace, but agreed to always give a good reference when I needed it. Which was fortunate, now that I look back, because it allowed me to continue to work, but, really was a false incentive, being that no matter what job I obtained, I would be mobbed. The interesting thing about Viahealth is that I met for the first time a man who said that he had left Strong Memorial Hospital because of mobbing. He was a horrific person to interact with so I avoided him, but our first few interactions were not so bad when first hired and I was able to hear his story. The key thing was that he approached the supervisor at Viahealth regarding his situation and she hired him to 'help him out'. Again, the difference between just being a victim of workplace mobbing and being targeted for organized mobbing. References and a stable employment history is key to remaining in the workplace. I encourage people to read publications by Leymann.

Here, I will only focus on the companies I have worked for in California because they are the freshest in my memory. Mainly three in varying detail: Kaiser Permanente, Company 3 and Los Angeles County Department of Social Services District #83. The companies I worked for in Los Angeles, Company 3 and DPSS were the nastiest because of the drugging.

$7.5 Million for a few weeks of employment for disability discrimination I don't say that he didn't deserve it, but after reading my experiences and obtaining nothing, no monetary settlement, no attorney to assist, it says a lot about our legal system. What does that say? When you are a victim of organized mobbing, you are a non-entity, no law applies to you, all that happens is suppose to happen and is accepted as such. You get no attorney (infact I had attorneys continue with the same behavior inside the office) to assist. I will say again, because I want this to 'really' get across to people. To people who are experiencing what I call organized mobbing or government disintegration/decomposition programs, the laws of this society do not apply to them. I have found that the Internation laws regarding human rights do not apply to the targeted person either. That is what it means to be born in the United States of America and be targeted by this country.

Kaiser Permanente Well I began in the call center. I later transferred because I didn't like the work environment. I had a person who told me not to transfer because when she transferred she lost her job but was fortunate to be rehired back into the call center. I don't recall being written up for anything or having any 'meeting', I left because of the general rudeness at work; people were just extremely unfriendly and nasty. I got sick of it and disliked the San Jose area and sick and tired of my daughter being bullied at school by Latinos. In general at the call center, if I talked to anyone they would curl up their lip at me and roll their eyes and I have no problem returning the same behavior but I got sick of dealing with hostility and being hostile in return. Before all of this and ordinarily I am a very light, happy go lucky kind of person.

One thing that was just a gag about the place, I have a habit of popping pimples especially on my nose. I remember being in the bathroom and a nurse came in one time and said to me, "Oh, your not on drugs at all, your just in here popping your pimples and that is why you leave with a red nose." I guess that was the little known rumor about me that hadn't gotten to me. I left the bathroom with a red nose because I was on drugs. What a joke. No matter the educational level...rumors.

I transferred to San Rafael Kaiser to the record department which was managed by a Vanessa Giovanni. She looks sweet and nice but is devil herself. I was told by another employee, I don't know if true, that she has a problem (while still there at the job, she would discuss in front of me who would be her next hire to other employees, she thought a man would be a better fit. Choosing a person's sex rather than qualification or ability) and I wasn't the only employee this happened to. Maybe the person who had the position last I don't know. But I suppose that if the workplace is predominately women, one would try to strike a balance. Women seem to prefer to interact with men rather than so many women.

I can quote some of the things that were said that didn't make sense until late. There were tensions between the manager and the main medical coder/SEIU union steward John. When things began falling apart (or they had devised a strategy), one of the union 'representatives' said in a meeting, "I don't know how you got John onboard.". According to the coworker previously mentioned, he was trying to get her (Vanessa) removed because he felt she didn't know what she was doing. Not knowing anything about organized mobbing and little about workplace mobbing, I assumed that the wrongful termination and hostility was solely my disability. I have nerve damage caused by a pill I took that caused temors and a few other symptoms. I was also going through a major sleep problem and major stress. At the time, the nerve damage was a relatively new experience starting in late 1999 or early 2000, it was a new event in my life I had to deal with. So the tremors weren't under control as much as they are now. I worked hard to not make them visible, but at times a tremor may occur. When first noticed by one of the coworkers training me, she immediately stopped training and went to speak with Vanessa. During prolonged meetings with Vanessa a tremor or two would happen. It was like we had continual meetings because she wanted to catch wind of what was reported to her that she didn't notice before.

Transferring was actually a cut in pay for me. I was accused of everything in San Rafael. I wouldn't even be in the area and still be blamed for something. Being that I needed the job, my way of coping is to do the work and trying to be as unnoticed as possible. So collecting and providing charts quietly, but it didn't matter, if I said nothing, I would have a nurse on the floor, say I said this or that. I would have to go through some unnecessary explanation and say, 'look, I don't say anything to anyone. I don't speak unless I am spoken to'. The pattern here was a little different than the call center because there were certain liberties they had in their favor. There was no formalized training, so there was no documentation or training material to turn to regarding policy or procedure. I was 'trained' by another employee who would later say to the manager, I made mistakes. I said, that is what she showed me and of course, she would deny it. I was physically assaulted by two employees one of my 'trainers', an older hispanic lady and John. There is a doctor there who was rumored to be sleeping with his patients, out of his mouth comes that beloved prostitution rumor. Sound familiar. No one says a thing, not even the doctors (do no harm) we worked closely with. Here I was wrongfully terminated. The manager said that she had found in the paper recycler and in the wrong files, items from people's cases. I showed the union steward who said she honestly needed to see my side of the story for herself and actually came to inspect. I guess what she meant by see for herself was she didn't want Vanessa's word to be the word in her head regarding me, to see if Vanessa was lying and also, I believe she understood more of what was going on than I did and knew there was nothing I could do about it. She had been suggesting that I transfer again for which there where few jobs available or even back to the call center. Transferring would have taken forever in reality. I decided to fight a winless battle. Anyway, I told the union steward, I don't believe she found anything in any recycle bin, but also showed her that I wasn't the only person who was working on the loose filings which I had been demoted to doing. Loose filings were part of the job, but not the only part of the job and it was the job least liked by people and was mainly done by part-time student workers. Later on when the strategy was in place, I was restricted to 'just' doing loose filings to make me hate the job and look to leave. All day I did loose filings but I had headphones, but after a while that was taken from me but it was a paycheck. I showed the union steward that I don't write on the documents and said look here, this is someone's handwriting and not mine. The union steward asked Vanessa, who else has been working on these loose filings? Vanessa turned red and said, no one, only me. Lie. SEIU wasn't helpful at all regarding the termination even with the truth right there in their face. They absconded their responsibility in many ways as they did with my final dealings with them in Los Angeles which were worse. No attorney would help (obviously). This is the American work environment people are not told about and prepared for. Sorry, getting and maintaining employment is more than a firm handshake and nice smile. I worked for Kaiser for over 3 years, almost 4. Certainly it is true that such cases are difficult when there is no one at work to stand up for you, but I don't accept that they are impossible. I believe it is just a matter of will and who is stepping into the office. If I wasn't a target of a government disintegration/decomposition program, I would have been helped. Attorneys are smart, they know how companies work. They know what happens in offices more than I do. They hear these complaints over and over. I am sure at some point a strategy for dealing with them must have been developed or, there would be no employment lawyers because there would be no money in it. This was an easy lawsuit, but no one would help me.

Company 3 I worked here for a very short period of time before quitting, a few months. My luck with employment goes from strange to stranger. This was the first employer to 'drug' me. Drugging in the form of food offering is the modus operandi for Los Angeles. The pattern between here and DPSS, is that is really the most obvious start of what is to come. I was drugged and got into a single conflict with a coworker and decided, I am done. That is what I mean by knowing when to quit. I got the point early so the damage wasn't as severe and I was only getting paid $11 per hour and it just wasn't worth it to try to transfer or try to get anyone to change which is a complete waste of time. Plus working for Kaiser and trying to get attorneys to help taught me a few things. It is not the TI, it is the employer. There is no reaching perps or mobbers. Again, the purpose of the drugging is several fold, they are unsure what you will say or do afterward. If you say something, well, to their advantage. By saying nothing, uncertain on how to handle such things, just shock and disbelief, wanting to keep the a woman hit for the first time by the person she loves, still to their advantage but you harbor anger and guilt. Of course I said nothing. I had no health insurance and no established doctor. I was told by other employees, one of the intitial people who started the company, still there, complained that he was being drugged. They said he was weird and before it happened to me, I thought, yes, that certainly sounds like it and just avoided him as bad news. Avoid problems, you need the job. I recall one of the engineers coming down to The Vault where I worked and saying, "there he (Stephan) goes again, saying that someone drugged him" and ridiculing him. I told this story to a therapists whose remark was, "your saying it is that bad out there" but admitting it is the kind of thing...things that can't be detected, people do do. But didn't believe that the drugging could have happened in all three places (Cerritos as stated in My Story I, DPSS and Company 3). Turkey is known to have soporific properties so I was told (that occurred only at work). You just got tired because you were eating turkey. Stupid. But I did struggled with this. I was just in shock. Cruel and unusual that an employer would do such a thing. Until I heard other people's stories, I questioned even though I knew what I felt. I just couldn't accept any human being could be that evil. I guess I am an easily duped humanist. I just don't want to believe that about people but couldn't deny the effects I was feeling and the after effects.I was told by other employees, one of the intitial people who started the company, still there, complained that he was being drugged. They said he was weird and before it happened to me, I thought, yes, that certainly sounds like it and just avoided him as bad news. Avoid problems, you need the job. I recall one of the engineers coming down to The Vault where I worked and saying, "there he (Stephan) goes again, saying that someone drugged him" and ridiculing him. I told this story to a therapists whose remark was, "your saying it is that bad out there" but admitting it is the kind of thing...things that can't be detected, people do do. But didn't believe that the drugging could have happened in all three places (Cerritos as stated in My Story I, DPSS and Company 3). Turkey is known to have soporific properties so I was told (that occurred only at work). You just got tired because you were eating turkey. Stupid. But I did struggled with this. I was just in shock. Cruel and unusual that an employer would do such a thing. Until I heard other people's stories, I questioned even though I knew what I felt. I just couldn't accept any human being could be that evil. I guess I am an easily duped humanist. I just don't want to believe that about people, but couldn't deny the effects I was feeling and the after effects. The person who was working with me kept prodding me to not move and focus on what he was showing me. I was being taught something new as I was experiencing this.

To add on to the general hostilities, I was also called stupid by another coworker who worked with me at night who I raised my voice to and got reprimanded by the supervisor for not taking the higher road (imagine the audacity of telling me I had to take the higher road after all the crap they have done), saying nothing and just reporting. TIs always have to take the higher road. The two times I was drugged at work (DPSS/Company 3), I had no established doctor and health insurance may not have been strongly established because it happened so early in employment to set the stage like a presage. When I was hired a Company 3, the hiring person said that they have had a lot of problems regarding diversity in the workplace and he was making an attempt to make the workplace more diverse. Trying to figure this all out, I thought and later gave some credence to the idea after reading employers hiring goons to gang stalk employees, that employers may drug unwanted employees, not knowing how you will react, to stave off lawsuits by calling them crazy. If you say something open like what was said about Stephan, well, your crazy. If you say nothing, you are in eternal unhappiness because you feel like a sucker and they got away (which they always do). The person who called me stupid said that there may be something in the works to get rid of him (Stephan). Bad work environment obviously if these kinds of things went on. I have no clue as to who slipped me something. There were chefs or cooks of some kind for some of the higher level employees and film colorists. It was a woman who offered to make everyone sandwiches that one day and never again for me, though made sandwiches again for others and someone said she cooked in some capacity for the higher level employees.

I have had a few other jobs inbetween the major employeers and not experienced anything too significant, in fact associated with another employee outside of work and kept in touch for a time. However, these were just part-time positions and little money. If the employment allowed for the maintenance of life...a home, a car, vacation time etc, the targeting would be severe, more than just attitudes to deal with.

Los Angeles County Department of Social Services District #83 This is a cut and paste sitution from my documentation since it is so recent. I wish I could do more than just embarass. I have no smoking gun and a few pieces of evidence have been lost along the way. Working for DPSS was the most severe life changing experience because the harassment was severely applied noticeably outside of work. In the Bay Area I was still able to maintain associations. I had a life or I thought I had which is really more accurate. I attended groups and could get to know people. Los Angeles wanted control of all aspects of my life, every association, every place I frequented, even a cafe. But you can read about that in My Story. If you have no fear of consequences, there is no need to hide, so everything was blatant. I had an attorney from Orange County, he advertises for 'standing up for the little guy' who said he saw no reason for me to leave DPSS and all that what I went through was...'trivial'. This is only an overview.

10/19/2007 was my first complaint to Mr. Lozano at that time one of the deputies. The event occurred 10/18/07. This complaint was against Brenda Lewis and her behavior related to attempt in asking a work related question and her perceived interruption of her personal conversation. I was shouted back to my desk by her and the clerk LaTonya Bradley. I included in the letter her statements regarding her brother “hating gay people…just hating them” according to her. The comments made me feel uncomfortable, she sat directly behind me with no divider and they were shouted right into my ear, but didn’t believe were related to me. I don't care what someone's feelings are or biases, I was very upset they were shouted in my ear and I wasn't in the mood to hear her personal attitudes. You may feel like saying certain things, but I may not feel like hearing it. You have every right to say it, but please, take into consideration, I also have the right not to hear it. I just may not be in the mood for it. Especially if I don't know you or care what you have to say. So take into consideration your surroundings when you have stupid off the cuff remarks to make. There are other ears.

I accepted a piece of coffee cake from Brenda Lewis (garbage) to my detriment in 2007, shortly after being moved to her unit and shortly after my employment with DPSS. It was laced with something. This was drugging number two. I became 'tired' after eating the cake. A little off balance because I already have medical problems, but mainly a tired feeling came over me. Being that this was number two, I saved the cake in my car, not eating it all and gave a portion of it to my college aged child to see her reaction, she said she became tired. I didn't mention any thing more about it to her that day so not to upset her. All of the mobbing had already taken its toll and she wouldn't have believed me anyway and didn't when I did. It took some time for her. I would mention more than once. Later there was a little bit of a break down in regards to what I was saying and a stronger acknowledgment a few years down the road that she did, in fact, become tired after eating the cake.

9/5/2008 Teresa Valedez offered raffles to everyone on the floor and walked right past me. Similar things were done with previous raffle tickets and district T-shirts. During police dispatcher training we were shown some videos related, but not specifically called, workplace mobbing. It was more related to hostile working environments. So the videos were an educational tool that I would say served two purposes: to expose potential victims to the tactics of hostile working environments and to serve as an educational tool for those who engage in mobbing activities so they couldn't later say they didn't know what they were doing was wrong. One of the tactics for creating a hostile work environment was exclusion. People would offer things to everyone in the work place but one person. There would be a workplace event, but all were invited except one person. You get the point. Certainly it is nice having that information and training and it has been helpful when dealing with such things and recognizing behavior, but what is the use when legally no one will help you because you are a non-entity?

10/9/08 Latonya Bradley yelling down the hallway and calling me stupid for doing work. Strange that a clerk would be concerned what I was doing and not her clerk responsibilities. Didn't understand until later, though everyone else knew, that I was going to be transferred to Walton's unit. So taking it easy and not doing any work at all and leaving to someone else was probably smarter. I tried to make this a formal grievance unlike the 10/2007 complaint, but the union steward Lorna Young was so unassistive that she didn't even want to give me the proper grievance form and I was given a Two-Way Gram. Not knowing the procedure, the grievance went on a Two-Way Gram thinking that was the proper union grievance form. I didn't have the union number to verify and, why shouldn't I trust her. I never had a conflict with her and she is the 'union steward'. What is society coming to?

12/16/2008 Found that a participant's social security cards were not in case. This has happened 3-4 other times. Spoke with child support worker who stated everything she received was complete with social security cards. I also documented everything that the participant provided. If I document that the social security cards are present, they were there. Not only would social security cards be missing but whole cases even after being given to the supervisor.

12/17/2008 I was screamed at by Clarice Walton downstairs in the interview area because she believed that I put a post-it on her computer screen. I explained to her I didn’t. She screamed back that I did and would be speaking with me later regarding it. She never did follow up with the ‘concern’ she expressed in the participant interview area. When in her unit, there were prayers that were said prior to eating, her being a actual or studying minister, however, I was never asked to participate. Much of the snacks that the supervisor brought in, well, I was left out of the group. I would be aloof until an offering was made, unsure if it included me or just a special something for the rest of the unit.

5/1/2009  I went to Supervisor Carr regarding a question, she curled her lip at me, looked me up and down. I explained that that behavior makes me feel uncomfortable asking questions. Additional event took place 5/4/2009.

7/15/2009 Regina Collins made a comment regarding me carrying my purse to the bathroom. I told her don’t worry about my bag or purse, after which she entered my cubicle pointing her finger in my face and left calling me “crazy”.

11/24/2009 There was a Thanksgiving potluck that was chiefly organized by Blanca Gomez. Her statements to me were that, though it was time for things to start, eating could not take place without having prayer first. She repeated the statements several times as other employees including the deputies were entering. If I attempted to obtain any items, lids were closed on me except my own. As everyone filed in and gathered in the circle to pray I stepped out. Deputies, DPSS administators in a circle praying before eating. Ok. When I reentered the room, the door was pushed closed on me as I opened it by Louisa Barreto. attachment This was the tipping point after many comments starting from 2007. I was asked by a person who said that she was a trainer at the DPSS academy around 7am in the morning after being called into the office to sign something related to the overtime I worked... "what my home church was". I told her I hadn't any. Her response was "what are you some kind of atheist?" Well, sucker, you need the job, keep your head down and don't say anything, smile. That bothered me. It was the snide way in which it was said and unnecessary and too damn early in the morning for bullshit. The work environment is such that come to prayer announcements were said over the public annoucement system. There were other comments from Betty Winston (who sat on the other side of me) regarding..."this atheist over here...and I hate atheist" when talking to the other person in the next cubicle. Being that I have been through so much, I have a higher tolerance for stupid comments. I am also a little more open minded. I will say that I don't mean to suggest that it is a healthy tolerance. I wasn't as offended by her comments as maybe some would have been. Things hadn't settle concretely or I am just a slow learner as to what was happening or how far it would go. So, let me explain. If someone called me a nigger, I would laugh. Whatever, you and your opinion mean nothing to me. As long as those words have no power. Now, if your calling me a nigger and that can determine my mode of existence on the planet, now we got a problem. Or the comments are unrelenting, there is a problem because I am just sick of hearing your stupid comments and being bothered. There was a build up of implied remarks regarding my lack of religion. I would even got comments from Securitas security guards at DPSS. I think one of them was another minister outside of doing security. Overtime and being that it happened outside of work as well, I got tired of it. Just tired of it. Sick of it. The Thanksgiving potluck was just a tipping point. I started taping way too late and wasn't as vigilant as I should have been.

12/7/2009 I had brought to the clerk Marvia Beatty’s attention that a Qr7 needed to be rescanned because it was not scanned properly. She told me to go get it out of the box, a large card board box where QR7s are stored in an unorganized fashion too tedious to retrieve. To give you an idea, over 1,000 pieces of paper to thumb through for someone else's error. No incentive to find errors and mention them. I explained that it was her mistake and she is responsible for putting the QR7s in the box, she was the clerk, she should retrieve it. She didn’t want to and went to the supervisor Glenda Carr who she believed would support her and not me in making me retrieve out of the box. She was right in her thinking because Ms. Carr placed on my desk a piece of paper telling me to box pull the Qr7 (step it and fetch it) and provide it to the clerk. Being that that is the clerks duty, that is a short demotion. This is just the conversation that took place. Attachment 1, 2,3, 4

12/24/2009 and 4/7/10 I noticed that more of my training materials related to income and inconsequential personal items such as lunch schedule were missing from my desk area.

1/12/2010 Received two case from Carr stating they were incomplete. Both conformed to policy.
1/14/2010 Had meeting with Mrs. Thornton regarding issue of disparate treatment of QR7s and presented QR7s that Carr and others were not held to same standard and were not policy appropriate. Thornton agreed that I was right and admitted I was being treated differently.

1/29/10 Pictures that were posted in my cubicle were ripped down.

4/7/2010 Found a case comment by Lorica Yates dated 3/29/10 stating that I refused to assist her regarding a QR7. It was an event that never took place and was reviewed and authorized by Carr without ever having presenting the issue to me. I spoke with Director Robinson and Thornton regarding case comment and explained that no documentation was ever provided to me to attach to the QR7. I presented Mr. Robinson a previous occurrence suggesting that such exceptions regarding income and handling of cases that are not hers may be due to the fact that she knows the participant.

4/13/2010 Received yet another complaint from ES Carr stating that she would not authorize a case when using the “year-to-date” to calculate missing check stub. It is part of DPSS training that this can be done, it has been done and authorized by her for me as well as others.

4/16/2010 For the second time I had the door shut on me after propping open to make a private call in the stair area. Having the door shut on you essentially locked in the stair area. The first time I propped door open with my shoe and actually caught door before they shut it. My shoe was removed to the interior of the building. If I hadn’t of caught door than I would have been hobbling around on with one shoe to the outside to reenter the building if no one opened the door after knocking on it. Forth time occurred was 10/4/2010 where Cecilia Steen pulled my shoe out and locked me in stairwell. The two other times dates unfound.

4/22/10 Called Patsy Howard to be reassigned to a different SEIU Advocate other than Stephanie Aguilar. There was a meeting on 2/10/10 during which I explained privately to her what was happening. She said that she read the file which include the list of work incidents but she trivialized it as if what I was going through was nothing. She was evasive and didn’t say anything useful or helpful for my situation. I asked her a question, which I emphasized, I wanted a direct answer. I asked her, ‘when these things occur in a workplace, that means you are being pressured to quit’. Her response was ‘yes’. I explained to her about my car being broken into and provided the pertinent information regarding the steward manual and Brenda Lewis.  She didn’t seem impressed with anything I said and only asked me if there was anything written on the boots. I said, ‘no’. She told me that she was a target at one time too, but in her case it was sexual harassment. (Like I cared and wasn't appropriate matter to be discussing at that time. Workplace mobbing is far more harmful than sexual harassment and receives little attention. With sexual harassment, HR needs to transfer someone asap that is how strong the laws are). She told me she quit Los Angeles County and joined SEIU. She suggested that I quit because they are going to keep on doing what they are doing. I asked what the union would do regarding this. Her only response was, if you get written up regarding anything, we will request additional training for you. I said, why would ‘I’ require additional training as if I am the person who is doing something wrong? Why is no one doing anything regarding what ‘they’ are doing?  It makes no sense. Her response was that is what we do. Also during the private meeting between me and Stephanie Aguilar, she jumped into the religious topic which I thought was out of place and rude. I explained I am not interested in the conversation. {Religious conversations don't interest me}. But she pressed. She said her husband and her used to be atheists and now were not. She asked if I explored any religions and what I thought happened after death. If I believed in hell. I mentioned that heaven and hell are right here on earth and her response was ‘this is hell.’ I explained, that is why it is so important to make this a good place to live. During the actually meeting Director Derrick Robinson (Code Name?) made a similar comment, ‘that life is short and it would be better to quit’. I was reassigned to Talbert Mitchell, another SEIU advocate, but later requested to have him removed as well. But was never reassigned. SEIU would do nothing to assist me. I paid dues to a corrupt union to receive nothing in return. Now unions may work for some people. They have to or no one would want them. But they certainly do not work for all people, at all times fairly. Being a TI, you don't get union assistance, but they don't mind taking your money. In, my opinion, if a union can't work for people fairly across the board, you don't need a union. It would be better not to have them. But, of course, there is that person who just doesn't give a damn about anyone else because it works for them and that is the only person it needs to work for.

4/27/2010 I was coming down from the forth floor elevator area which stopped on the 2nd floor. Carr saw me in the elevator, grunted something audible from seeing me and refused to get on elevator.

Drugging done by Brenda Lewis in 2007 shortly after moving to the QR7 unit that she was supervising at the time, if the date was recorded, that documenation is just unfound. Prostitution comments by Brenda Lewis and Lorica Yates documentation I believe recorded but unfound.

5/21/10 There was a comment by Chao Nguyen who made the same comment regarding prostitution adding in “diseases” as a natural progression to the rumor. I remember Chao telling me a story that a man was trying to 'set him up' with sleeping with an underage girl. I asked, 'since you knew that the girl was underage, did you call the police to help her?' He said, 'no'. I explained, 'Why not and I would have call them.' Some time later I realized, someone isn't going to try to set you up with something you haven't done before. His story was also in regards to how bad California is. Being from Vietnam, I would think he would take a higher road against tyranny. When I hit him back with this he mentioned to one of the older clerks who would visit him "that someone is going to kill her."

Received call from participant regarding case. Incorrectly informed her regarding supplemental. Pt called back and said that Terrell McGee and Mr. Sotelo both said that they don't know why said that and that I am always providing wrong information. Terrell McGee is one of the worst, most unproductive workers in my opinion and also carries the least case load compared to others in his unit (or at least when I was there). I emailed Mrs. Thornton and explained what was said, that was unprofessional, disrespectful, misleading. He could have simply stated I was wrong rather than slander me. Better yet, since the question was not QR7 related, but related to benefits, rather than pass off to someone else, he could have answered the question.   

9/23/10 Angel Brice and throws some papers on my desk that were unnecessary and I through them in the garbage stack. As she leaves my cubicle area, stares through for about a good 60 seconds  with a curled lip and opens her eyes wide to show she is angry about something.  My response is, “Can I help you with something?” I spoke that day to her supervisor Nadine Coleman, her response was to chuckle and say “that seems strange and I will talk to her.”

10/4/1010 Last time locked in the stairwell by Cecelia Steen. Like everyone, she removes shoe to the interior of the office, or the other side of the door. Once the door is shut, it is impossible to reenter, because, up to that point, the key card was not working with those emergency exit doors. 10/6/2010 had a meeting with Mrs. Thornton, Pearlie Brown and union steward Lorna Young regarding this. Around this time they worked to get the key cards to work for that door. Mrs. Thornton said that she would speak with Cecelia for being insensitive.

11/1/10 Colbert came yelling as I was on lunch that a lobby sweep needed to be done. I explained I was at lunch. She states 'my lunch seems to change daily.' I said nothing. She walked away again saying 'I'm sick of this shit.'

1/22/10 my car was broken into after attending a SEIU Steward orientation. At that orientation I grabbed another manual to replace the one given to me by Brenda Lewis who asked that I return it once I obtained a copy of my own. I had written in the one given to me by Brenda Lewis. I retrieved the manual from the car and put on Brenda Lewis’s desk that morning. That Saturday when vacuuming the car out, I found the manual I have given her in my car. At that moment I had two manuals, both unfortunately with a page ripped out because I had written in both of them short of paper while driving. 2/10/10 there was a SEIU grievance meeting where I mentioned to the union advocate.

The common practices allowed at DPSS for some workers (not me, I had to be there on time or someone would complain), show up to work 1-2 hours late daily. One and half to Two hour lunches daily. When a supervisor isn't there, certain people are gone for the day after showing up two hours late and two hour lunch. Attachment 2. That is another coworker complaining about the missing from action special privileges of specifically Lorica Yates. Incentives for good mobbing behavior is you don't need to work. When the privileges are shared, well, no one complains, so his complaining stopped later. What is administrations response to this? Attachment 3 Cover each other and I don't want to get involved which for me they never did anyway. Fine when you have someone to cover for you. Administration's view of complaining Attachment 4,dry snitch. This is just the example of the mentality of administration not an important concern that will be addressed. But at DPSS, everyone is slime so no need to sympathize with anyone. Other perks, well, if you are a person who is aware of the mobbing happening or possibly friends with someone at DPSS, your income will not count toward your welfare benefits or not all of it. Personally I don't know why they didn't move their favorite cases to their favorite workers so that I am completely unaware. But no, cases I handled were often done by other workers when I would request all check stubs. The person forced out is me. I found out the DPSS official reason for my quitting the job was personal reasons. I wanted to leave the state of California. That certainly wasn't what I stated in my resignation letter. Certainly the employer has the same list of complaints that are showing here. I would also get approached by Glenda Carr and Pearlie Brown regarding the QR7 not being updated in Periodic Reporting screen. It would show as "not received". Our computer system, Leader, would record those changes at the time, before a computer update changed the programs so that no date would be visibly registered regarding that change. Previously, it was blatantly apparent that the it was changed from "received" to "not received". For those who don't understand, don't worry about it. It is just a case of work sabotage and harassment over things I didn't do...disturb my peace of mind. The blatantness would not matter because no one will say anything and no attorney will ever help a TI/me. This was done, they felt, so air tight that I hadn't a prayer. Which is apparently true with no legal assistance. There are holes in the story. I had one therapist who said from all this, I needed to toughen up. Not just from the mobbing at work. I explained to all that I was being organized mobbed by a Network of people. I can't believe how outrageous this all is. The Target is to blame.

I would get participants calling me up saying...Oh, Ms...I know that you are going to be on vacation next week..." I brought this to the attention of Supervisor Glenda Carr who said she never said anything and the same thing happens to her and others...right, if you believe that. This is one of those tactics of expert manipulators...'yes, it happens to me too'...I am also a victim. How does an employee's vacation time become information that participants would have?

My car while parked in the garage would be tampered with. My car leaks no oil. I had checked it the night before to see if it looked like it need to be changed and I just got into the habit of check the fluids. So the night before I check and it was full. The next day, after work, before heading to my therapy appointment, I check it again and there was no oil in the car. There was no oil drippings anywhere. The car alarm churped back as if the car had been entered on a daily basis.

With all of these happenings DPSS was the only company that ever contested my unemployment as a form of retaliation and also won. There was a clear conspiracy between DPSS and the hearing representative from the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board “CUIAB” to deny me unemployment benefits....additional retailiation. DPSS appealed stating that I quit because I wanted to 'leave state'. I submitted EEOC documents, emails, union grievances and also provided the exact reason why I was forced into a 'constructive discharge' in the termination letter (discrimination, harassment, disparate treatment, workplace mobbing and hostile work environment). DPSS provided no documentation to substantiate their claim and during the hearing when Derek Robinson was asked directly...'after all we have went over in this hearing...why did she leave?' His response was, "I don't know." The person conducting the hearing, Brian Faulkner, "did" (to correct) provide a statement as how he reach his decision (EDD DETERMINATION ) and believed that I left "voluntarily and without good cause." That the incidents that took place amounted to "petty irritations...of everyday life", amounting to nothing more than "transitory normal friction" which must be "borne, and do not constitute good cause for learning work." He states that "the evidence with regard to these types of incidents simply does not show the concerted, deliberate, harassing, and discriminatory environment of which the claimant complains". I believe I stated in the recording that come to prayer announcements were routine since 2007 and actually haulted some time after entering the new building. The events continued until I was out the door. As I have shown in my videos, the psychological tactics that are used are difficult to explain but not impossible. Through audio and video I can connect people's subtle behaviors. If I send and email and someone wants to daily 'make me aware' of the contents of that email were known to some perp, well, I can capture and through a series build. But I can't make someone view things honestly. If someone refuses to call black black and they have the power, there is nothing I can do. It is harder in the workplace to demonstrate the use of some of the psychological tactics. Some of the things in his determination are taken out of context without proper clarification requested and certainly he has interpreted the events and law to match the conclusion he desires to reach. He states: "In December 2009, co-workers with 'religious beliefs' organized a Christmas holiday part which the claimant was not invited to attend." I don't understand the 'inclusion' of 'religious beliefs' into the sentence. It was a Christmas party (just like in any workplace) organized and conducted by people within the QR7 unit that I was not aware that it was happening until after the fact. Is he implying that only religious people celebrate or should celebrate Christmas so there was good cause to exclude me? Is Christmas, as celebrated, religious? I certainly have never looked at Christmas that way. For me it is a tree, lights, food, family and presents and is completely devoid of any other meaning.

Another point he mentioned: "On at least two occasions...the claimant entered a secured stairwell which was to remain locked except in emergency situations so she could make a private cell phone call, and propped the stairwell door open with her shoe...." This language was created Faulkner himself without basis or fact. This information was not provided to him by me nor DPSS during the hearing. The fact of the matter is, the stairwell was well used by others to go to various floors and return, for personal exercising using the steps, phone calls and private discussions between coworkers. After my many complaints of having the door shut on me, knowing I had entered the stairwell, there was an attempt to make sure that "everyone's badge" worked with the door. It was NOT a secured stairwell expected to 'remain locked except in emergency situations' nor was this asserted by DPSS. Faulkner, in private, made an assumption because my badge did not work. Also, from the first occurrence and first formal complaint, I was never reprimanded or informed that I was unable to do what all other employees did, and make use of the stairwell. I hope to have the time to redue the website and make the necessary points.

Part I of EDD of California Hearing and Part II

Just to touch on a few things in Derek Robinson's testimony, was he at the potluck, yes he was, as was other members of Administration such as Covina Thornton. No potluck or any other kind of employee festivity could take place without Administration's approval...without Derek Robinson's approval which was a concern of employees and expressed in SEIU steward/Administration meetings I was apart of being a temporary steward. The potluck took place in the main meeting conference room, so again, it would require approval by Administration. About 57:00 minutes into the hearing on Part I, Derek Robinson stated that there he 'never' saw any..."overt expressions of religion in the workplace....[nor did]...any member of his management team"....[who would make sure there were not any 'overt expressions' displayed. Well, if you listen to "Attachment 2" that was Mr. Lauago and I discussing the very strange, very, very large bright orangish colored and very hypocritcal sign of Lorica Yates facing 'my' desk that said: God is always watching and listening. The cubicle partitioned isles had 'overt' religious expressions too. Specifically the isle leading to Brenda Lewis's desk was called "Faith Street" and the isle leading down the hall, away from her area was called "Reason Street". It is like he is saying he never walked the isles to go anywhere in the office. Even after my discrimination complaint some of these things remained. Near the ending Derek Robinson was asked...'why did she quit' and his response was, "I don't know." There were several meetings regarding my discrimination complaint that were organized by Derek Robinson. There was an initial one with him and an additional one that included a steward from SEIU that always gave me Two-Way Grams rather than the grievances I requested, Covina Thornton and Mrs. Shealy. This meeting I got the impression they wanted to see what I 'had' against them. I discussed in that meeting all of the things that had occurred up until that point. I also at various times and various meetings mentioned to Derek Robinson and Covina Thornton the workplace mobbing aspect of my experience. This was brought up when it was suggested that maybe I 'move' yet again to a different supervisor. I remained in the QR7 unit because the 'move' when have just made things worse and because the QR7 unit offered me more control over the work sabotaging activities that were occurring. Moving into 'intake', I would have less control and less oversight regarding documents and regarding assignment of cases. It would have given the 'mobbers' 'more' control over me. As I have explained in some of the preceding paragraphs. I also included with the documents to CUIAB a letter providing more information regarding my experiences working for DPSS and my website. I provide my website to every professional person I must interact with when it is relevent to the disintegration/decomposition circumstances I experience. I will add, if I have not already, that there may very well be a 'deeper' complication of being the target of a government disintegration/decomposition program but when someone uses characteristics of race, religion, creed, sex, disability....etc...'those' protected class characteristics to harass you, that is discrimination.

Few words before update 5/16/12: Still updating the relevance of these documents I just put below. I am just throwing them up as I try to weave things into a story. I am slow to get things done. But briefly, I had to order my Social Security file for bankruptcy court and found that the diagnosis moved from PTSD to schizophrenia. I wasn't aware that people could become schizophrenic overnight and what is even more disturbing, people know that it is a lie. Every perpetrator on the street knows what they are doing and what they have done. and every employee of the various companies know what they have done.

Benjamin Skolnik, in his report, mentioned what I "don't have" as evidence so he felt 'safe' in commenting and using to support his conclusion that I am schizoprenic and delusional and whatever (I haven't read thoroughly). But, let's say that I did have video of the of the incidents I reported previously regarding the Buena Park police officers (so many police cars on me that night it looked like a murder scene) coming to my car to intimdate me after I posted that paper from Brown Investigation on this website. If I did have that on video, it wouldn't matter, I would still be schizophrenic. No matter what facts I provide.

Anyway, I am weaving all this together

performance evaluations......termination letter .......Social Security Medical Record.....EEOC

Affirmative Action after leaving DPSS

HR letter May 4th and May 17th.......Office of Affirmative Action.....bankruptcy complaint.....Cots Trash Perp setup restraining order(all those colluding on this one....police, Cots Staff and residents, the judge I don't know. But being that this is a homeless shelter it seems he would have questioned the circumstances before issuing an order to vacate the only homeless shelter in Burlington that at times has openings. If I was causing such problems, well, Cots Staff could have handled it themselves as they have no problem doing. When the police officer came during the night he asked me if I knew the person, I said no. I don't know how you can stalk someone you don't know. I have all on tape and hope to complete soon.)